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我的空姐表妹又飛溫哥華啦!在downtown約吃希臘餐好開心 <3

光是想到要無止盡的調時差+高空飛行頂著大濃妝和隱形眼鏡服務客人這兩點就讓我腿軟 Orz

最扯的是有過年輕力壯的男子要求她幫忙放行李 ---> 還是不是男人啊?! 出門連自己的行李都拿不起來嗎? =.=

不然就是被客人亂摸,惡劣的態度+無理的要求... 種種鳥事還要面帶微笑 ---> 我脾氣沒有表妹那麼好應該早就翻桌了 XD

每次都和不同的同事飛,如果沒有熟識的同事一起飛,到了國外只能一個人在飯店房間玩手機,一個人去吃飯 ,如果外面又是冰天雪地一整個超孤獨的啊~~~ 



My stewardess cousin was in Vancouver again so we met up for Greek lunch downtown! Every time I see her, it reminds me how much I admire her dedication for work and life. I can never take on such a difficult job just to fulfill my dream of travelling the world. It seems awesome that she gets to travel the world for free, but there is definitely a dark side to this job, more so than any other job.
- the never-ending jet lag
- must wear contacts and have the perfect make up during the entire flight
- do not always get to sit down during turbulence --- my cousin once went flying down the aisle while serving customers during a turbulence
- have to help customers with their luggage if they ask; cannot say no to customers even though it’s not part of their job description --- my cousin once hurt her wrists from lifting too many heavy luggage
- must wear a big smile at all times even if it means being touched inappropriately by creepy male customers, dealing with customers’ rude attitude and ridiculous requests… etc.
- the safety issue --- you never know if you will land safely and come home alive
- must always have a packed suitcase at home --- you never know when you will get called to fly and you must be prepared to fly anywhere for however long at any time, which means you’d better be prepared for all kinds of weather conditions
- you spend your days off sleeping at home because this job is just so exhausting
- you don’t get to know your coworkers because you always fly with different people; a lot of times you end up spending your time abroad completely on your own. 

And the list goes on….

Anyway, in the end I’m really proud of my cousin, and so happy to be able to see her in Vancouver every once in a while! Love you! 



Chloe . 大熊 . 溫哥華的天空 C&B in Vancouver

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